Super Dave’s mint gum is fantastic! The flavor is cool and not overpowering.

John C.
Boise, ID

Don’t want aspartame in your chewing gum? Super Dave’s uses xylitol. I like that!

Amir D.
New York, NY

Thought you would be interested in knowing that my wife and I each tested your gum. I timed the “flavor” part of the test, and after 42 minutes, it still tasted like spearmint. I sat down to eat a meal at that point, so didn’t test it any longer. The texture was great; it was chewable early on and chewable after 42 minutes. Didn’t get hard and tasteless. Two thumbs up from (wife) and me.

Todd L.
Boise, ID

The mint gum was great—chewed for over 2 hours the flavor and gum lasted at least that long. I was very impressed. Would definitely buy this product.

Clara C.
Boise, ID

Your gum is great, it's not too "sticky" and it doesn't "melt" when you chew on it for too long. That's some of the things that I don't like about gum and I'm glad that your product is better.”

Adrianne S.
New York, NY

We loved the sample of the mint gum. The flavor was really long lasting and tasted great and had a pleasing texture. We hope we'll be able to purchase it from your website soon. Having xylitol as a sweetener and the minty breath freshening fragrance were positives. When I did a little research on Wikipedia, and learned of the several benefits of xylitol, I was sold that this is a superior product. Gum is gum, but this was really special, we look forward to purchasing it. We give it 5 stars out of 5.

Kent and Joanne H.
Colfax, WA

The taste is very good and the gum is soft to chew, which is great! I can’t wait for it to come out in stores.