Our Story

Some time ago while traveling by car out west, I had a lot of time to think. I thought about my childhood and the things that really made me happy. Things like fishing with my dad, riding bikes with my friends, and my mom’s cooking. The one thing I enjoyed most of all was playing little league baseball while chewing my favorite bubble gum. A wad of gum in my mouth followed by a fist slam into my glove and our team’s taunting yell “batter, batter, SWING!” meant the start of a great game. Those were wonderful memories!

After driving for a few hours I decided to stop and buy some of that old-time bubble gum. I scoured the candy aisle but there was none. That great tasting gum that I enjoyed as a kid was no longer available. At that very moment I knew what I wanted to do.

I launched Comet Candy and the rest is history. The result—a chewing gum that is sugar free and aspartame free, with smooth, refreshing, and long-lasting flavor.

To our beloved fans who love our gum—we appreciate you! And to those who haven’t yet given us a try, please request a free sample (shipping not included).

Thank you!

A Special Thanks:
Our Story isn’t complete without mentioning the parents and coaches who supported our little league team. They were there to cheer us on, and provided the emotional support when we lost. They also gave freely so that the team could buy candy after every game. Even when we lost, they still reached into their pockets for us. Their actions, love and support are unforgettable. Thank you to all those parents and coaches. At Comet Candy Ltd. Co., we hope to be found as loving and supportive as you were.